New Barbershop App From Barber & Co

Man using Barber & Co app

The highly anticipated Barber & Co app is available now for iPhone and Android users! Designed to ease the booking experience, digitalise the existing loyalty programme, document your cuts, and a few other nifty features.

Download the new Barber & Co app from the App Store, or get it at Google Play.

As a client and marketer at Barber & Co, let me run you through some of the features on behalf of the team. Keep reading to discover more.

Examples of the Barber & Co App

Collect Rewards

The new app was originally driven by the loyalty programme and still remains the focus in its popularity. Don’t get me wrong, the OG stamp card was great, but I’d forget my card from time to time, and eventually, my rewards card ended up looking pretty trash. Grant and Leo (owners and barbers at the shop) are also working towards a paperless business, which I dig! Anyway, it’s 2021, our phones are an extension of our brains. It just made sense. 
The loyalty program works like this; Barber & Co app users receive dedicated QR codes upon download. These codes are scanned after every cut. It’s simple, your fifth cut is half price and your tenth cut is free.
Tip: Smartphone users, add your Barber & Co app to your widgets to keep track of your rewards. I like to keep mine in clear sight to remind me to book a cut, too. The boys are getting pretty busy these days. 
Man using Barber & Co App

Book Your Cut

Convenience is everything these days. It’s common knowledge, we as consumers are lazy. So, Grant and Leo made it easy for us. Although at first (with my marketing hat on), taking traffic away from the website gave me slight anxiety but you just can’t argue with three or four taps on your phone and you’re booking your next fade with the best barbershop in Christchurch. It took me ten minutes to think of a sentence where I could sneak in that flex. Haha.

Save Your Cut

Personally, I love this feature. Although my barber, Grant, has a memory of an elephant, I still like to change things up sometimes and keep him on his toes.

I get my barber to take a side, front, and back profile picture of my cut for visual reference and keep the below documented in the ‘Notes’ section:

‘low zero taper to a number three on the sides. Every second visit, a little off the top. The Fringe gets heavy so a little volume control.’

More features

Being a Barber & Co app user means we have the ability to receive push notifications straight to our fingertips. Ideal for when the boys are looking to dispatch special offers or (as experienced recently) be the first to know when they open bookings after COVID-19 alert level changes.

The inbox feature keeps you in the know with any updates at the barbershop, and word around the barbershop is that we’ll be able to order products in a new Barber & Co Store straight from our app. More info regarding this will be announced in the coming weeks.


Shoutout to Michael Rausch a Christchurch freelance software engineer and developer of the Barber & Co app. Michael developed the application in record time and it’s been a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend using Michael’s services if you’re looking to go digital. View Michael’s website,


Ash Pearson
Marketer Barber & Co